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Joanna's Journal

Saturday morning, July 6

Rick, Lucie, Margaret, and I had a class together this morning. I'm afraid I won't get to see them again, so I got their email addys and said goodbye.

Today it's cooled off and there's a nice breeze. Thank you, God!

Saturday afternoon, July 6

I ran into Dave and Kevin at the Press Tent waiting for the Lost Dogs. Apparently everyone BUT the Lost Dogs knew that they were supposed to have a conference then. Riki Michele graced us with her presence instead. Eventually somebody found out that Terry Taylor wasn't going to show for another three hours and Mike Roe and Derri Daugherty were doing sound check with Dead Artist Syndrome. Some time later Mike and Derri showed up at the tent with Brian Healy, but most of the press had left!

Mike saw my shirt (for my Lost Dogs fan site). He guffawed and told me he wants one! He promised to wear it. Wow, talk about product placement!

Why is it that Terry Taylor says, "You again!" every time he sees me?

Sunday afternoon, July 7

I decided to drive back after the Lost Dogs concert last night. I found it hard to sleep after I got back in this morning, so I know I'm going to dead tomorrow!

I dropped off my film at Walmart on the way home--all eight rolls! Just call me the Lost Dogs Paparazzi, although there's plenty of non-Lost Dogs photos in there. I took a couple shots of almost every artist I saw.

It's so weird to be back. It felt like I was away for ages, but it was only a few days. Even though I like having air conditioning, I miss Cornerstone. I had fun. I had a daily routine established. I'd even learned to deal with the heat. Oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home, and right now "home" feels like Cornerstone.

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