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Joanna's Journal

Wednesday morning, July 3

I stumbled across a couple signs for Camp 77's, but after searching for half an hour, I still couldn't find it. I was on the verge of crying out "Mark-o!" in hopes that someone from the camp would reply "Harmon-o!" But unless I'm with somebody who'd be embarrassed by me doing that, the idea just doesn't appeal to me. It's no fun to just embarrass myself.

I took the "Making Bamboo Flutes" class, and it took WAY longer than expected. Making a flute was cool, but I don't know if it was really worth the effort. At least I got to listen to Izibongo and Mark Matlock while making the flute.

It's awesome to walk down the street and hear music I know and like. I heard someone playing Travail earlier.

I ran into Chris Lutes after the Mark Matlock seminar. He didn't recognize me at first! But after a few minutes and a few hints, he figured out who I was. We may work at the same company, but if you work in different buildings, you may as well be on different planets.

Wednesday evening, July 3

Riki Michele came to the premiere of "Worldwide: The Life & Music of Gene Eugene Andrusco" this afternoon. She even participated in the panel discussion afterward. I can't wait until this DVD comes out.

Wow, why don't I visit Flickerings more often? They've got some nice fans going, and even though it's hot in there, it's cooler than it is outside!

Dave Cervantes found me after Bill Mallonee's set. He then introduced me to Linda and Glenn Miller and told me where Camp 77's is. It's almost scary how he picked me out so fast.

Kemper Crabb gave a great talk on "The Implication of the Eucharist for the Arts." I found it very interesting. Like I told him afterwards, nerdy stuff like that really makes the Bible come alive to me.

I'm so drenched with sweat it's like I just walked out of the lake, and it's so humid, the liquid just sticks around. Yuck!

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