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Joanna's Journal

Thursday morning, July 4

I took a freezing cold shower after the Mike Knott concert last night. It felt SO good, and afterwards I slept very well. In fact, I overslept and nearly missed my first seminar for the day!

Chris Lutes caught me after my first class, just wanting to say hi. Maybe he'll remember me now!

Thursday afternoon, July 4

I found Camp 77's after lunch. Nobody's quite like I pictured. It's kinda weird hanging out with people I've never met but still kinda know. It's also a little scary how much Dave knows about me. He asked me, "Do you know how cool you are?" I had to reply, "No I don't. Tell me."

The Acoustic Stage was hot, but the artists were awesome. I wish the Lost Dogs had played a couple songs off their upcoming album, but they were great fun to watch, regardless. Another solid reminder why they're my favorite band. Derri Daugherty smiled at me instead of glared. That's a good sign. Maybe he's stopped thinking of me as a weird obsessionist.

Phil Madeira greeted me by name as he set up to play and also said goodbye when he left. What a great guy!

Thursday evening, July 4

I promise that I will never EVER complain again about my office being too cold. Cold sounds good right now.

I used three rolls of film today! I'm going to have to learn to be more economical (or a better photographer so I don't need as many pics).

Daniel Amos rocked. Oh, and I HAVE to get a Bill Mallonee and the Trophy Wives shirt.

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