Scenic Routes

  Title: Scenic Routes
Artist: Lost Dogs
Label: Brainstorm Artists Int'l
Year Released: 1992
Available At: Rock Solid Music,Lost Dogs Store
  • Mike Roe: guitars, vocals
  • Derri Daugherty: guitars, vocals
  • Gene Eugene: guitars, piano, vocals
  • Terry Taylor: guitars, vocals
  • Greg Kellogg: dobro, banjo, pedal steel
  • Burliegh Drummond: drums, percussion
  • James Sitterly: violin

Production Notes:

Most of the music on this album was recorded during two weekends in October, 1991, played live in the Lounge of Mixing Lab "B," in Huntington Beach, CA.

The vocals and a few overdubs were recorded in January, 1992, at McCrummy Studio in Whittier, CA. It was mixed later in the month at Mixing Lab "A," in Garden Grove, CA, and at Pakaderm Studio "A," in Los Alamitos, CA.

Engineered by Gene, with Rob Watson, Terry and Derri

Produced by Terry Taylor, Gene Eugene, Derri Daugherty and Mike Roe

Executive Producers: Ojo Taylor and Gene Eugene

More Info:

This is their first album, which was recently remastered and re-released by Fools of the World.

Song List: