Old And Lonesome

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Old And Lonesome

Music and lyrics by Mike Roe, adapted from "Cold and Lonesome" by Jimmy Reed

Old and lonesome
I don't even have no place to go
Old and lonesome baby
I don't even have no place to go
While you got me so old and lonesome
I got the feeling you don't want me no more

Well I was just a young man baby
I had 'i lining up outside my door
Yeah, well I was a young man
Lord, everybody lined up outside my door
Now I spent most of my time waiting
In line for things that ain't worth waiting for

One day baby
You're gonna find somebody new
I said one day
You're gonna probably find somebody new
Yeah but my sweets is real easy for someone
Could it be somebody like you

Derri-electric guitar/ Terry-tenor guitar/ Gene-bassy acoustic guitar/ Mike-electric guitar and harmonica/ Greg-dobro/ Burliegh-drums/ Mike-harp
Lead vocals-Mike

© 1992 Brinstorm Artists Int'l ASCAP