Meet the Dogs

There's an unwritten law in the music world that says, "Superbands don't work," but Gene Eugene (from Adam Again) and Terry Taylor (from Daniel Amos) set out to disprove it. After tossing the idea around for a while, they asked Derri Daugherty from The Choir and Mike Roe from 77's to join them in a group called Lost Dogs in 1991. This supergroup helped pioneer the new genre "Americana." Originally supposed to be a one-time project, the band took on a life of its own and has released eleven albums (along with a "Best of..") and three DVD's in the past 20 years. Originally supposed to be a side project, Lost Dogs has (nearly?) usurped the original bands in popularity. Its broad fan base includes die-hard fans of Daniel Amos, The Choir, Adam Again, and 77's as well as many younger fans who don't listen to any of those bands. Tragically, Gene Eugene passed away in March 2000; however, the band feels that he would have wanted them to continue playing and recording and have done so, referring to themselves as the "three-legged dog."

"We're a three-legged dog, but we're still pretty good." --Terry Taylor

In 2006, the Lost Dogs added long-time collaborator Steve Hindalong, also from The Choir, to their lineup.

The Lost Dogs are:

Old Angels

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