Gene "Eugene" Andrusco

"Gene...truly was an artist, and he truly managed to make divine, holy things out of the darkness of his life."
--Terry Taylor

Birthday: 6 April 1961 (Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada)

Passed away: 20 March 2000 (Huntington Beach, California)

Gene's other band: Adam Again

The World According to Gene

In his own words...

Gene Driving as to how busy I am. You have no possible idea. You should follow me around for a day, it will boggle your mind. I work at least 12 hours a day in the studio, usually several hours more than that. Some of these studio days are in other cities that I have had to fly to. No matter where I am, I have a full-blown studio that is in operation day and night here in Huntington Beach, with constant scheduling, maintenance, clean-up, rentals to arrange etc., etc., etc. I get 20 to 30 phone messages a day, and up to 50 emails. I don't have days off, generally, and if I do, there are 5 or 10 of my friends who have been waiting for months for me to mix or record something for them as a favor, or to play on their album or whatever. One of my best friends died suddenly last week, and I was barely able to go to his funeral, coming back here afterwards to mix a record that was on a deadline. So what else?....songwriting, dating, Dodger games, a movie once in a while, sleep...these fill my idle hours to overflowing. I had no interest in sharing this kind of pithy complaining to anyone, because I love my job and am blessed to have it. I DON'T work so much because of money, but because I have MANY fellow artists who depend on me to help them catch their vision on tape, and wait months to get me, and I love them, and don't want to let them down. I am booked now through September, and I certainly don't run an ad in the paper or something...

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Gene's Discography (very incomplete!)

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