The Fortunate Sons

  Scenic Routes

The Fortunate Sons

Music by Gene Eugene, Lyrics by Gene Eugene and Terry Taylor

Blood, thunder and fear flowing
I cry when I need you
And march when I'm told where to go
Lessons I know
Is it the way of a soldier to offer his soul?

Bang the drum slowly for the fortunate son
I am one, said and done a fortunate son

Mud, ankles and bones
Covered I pray when I need to
And sleep when I don't want to know
Letters from home
Clutched in the hands of my comrades
My brothers, my own

Bang the drum slowly for the fortunate sons
It's said and done, I am the one, the fortunate son
I feel the heat from my side
Crucified, deep and wide
I could be saving a life
Couldn't I?

Gene and Mike-acoustic guitars/ Terry-tenor guitar/ Derri-bass/ James-fiddles/ Greg-banjo/ Burliegh-drums, bodraine, tamborine
Lead vocals-Gene (with Terry and Derri)

© 1992 Brinstorm Artists Int'l ASCAP