Honeysuckle Breeze

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The Lost Dogsā€¦ Via Chicago

Honeysuckle Breeze

Terry Scott Taylor

A melancholy ghost moves
Outside your window certain
That brushing past your curtain
And dancing through the leaves
Will remind you of your first love
Who held you warm and tender
And gently asked you to surrender
To the Honeysuckle Breeze

Now do you see his face love
In the shadows and the sunlight
He held his tongue to still the dark night
Now he's whisperin' through the trees
To remind you of your first love
And the days before your winter
When you breathed the sweet sweet splendor
Of the Honeysuckle Breeze

Far away, far away you've wandered
And soon forgot the one who loves you still
In the ruins of the precious gifts you've squandered
Rise again and breath again His will

Come away, come away sweet darlin'
While the scent of love's still drifting on the wind
Your lover knows your hungry heart's still starving
For the gentle one who bids you come to Him

(repeat first and second verse)

Oh, breath the sweet sweet splendor
of the Honeysuckle Breeze

© 1999 Zoom Daddy Music - BMI