Gift Horse

  Title: Gift Horse
Artist: Lost Dogs
Label: BEC Recordings
Year Released: 2000
Available At: Lost Dogs Store
  • Derri Daugherty: guitars, bass, mandolins, lead vocals, harmonies
  • Gene Eugene: keyboards, guitars, lead vocals, harmonies
  • Mike Roe: guitars, lead vocals, harmonies
  • Terry Taylor: guitars, lead vocals, harmonies
  • Burleigh Drummond: drums, percussion
  • Melissa Hasin: cello
  • John McDuffie: pedal steel

Production Notes:

Recorded and mixed by Gene Eugene and the Dogs mostly at The "Fabulous" Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA during August and September 1999.

Produced by Derri Daugherty, Gene Eugene, Mike Roe, and Terry Taylor.

More Info:

Terry Taylor wrote all the lyrics on this album.

Song List: