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7 March 2010

Mike Roe tied the knot! Congratulations, Doctor Love!

The Lost Dogs have a new CD coming out this May called Old Angel. There will also be a tour--stay on the lookout for dates!

9 November 2009

The Route 66 Tour CD and DVD will be released together, but you'll have to hold your horses--there's no release date yet. Meanwhile, postcards and download cards for Route 66 songs will be available at their concerts. (See their concert page for info on concerts.) This November/December they will be playing in the northwest US and southern California. Next spring/summer they're planning another tour. Contact Linda Miller at or 541.729.7771 to bring them to your area!

Now presenting, the "End of the Road" party from the Route 66 Tour!

17 September 2008

The Glory Road Tour has begun! The Lost Dogs are trekking their way down classic Route 66, singing the whole way. They're also filming their experiences, and will be posting video blogs on their website. The tour will end with a beach party near Santa Monica pier on Sept 27.

8 June 2006

Happy Happy! Joy Joy! Two savory bits of news: First, the Lost Dogs have a new album, The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees, which stylistically falls in the same vein as Gift Horse and Real Men Cry. According to reports, it may be their best to date! Pick it up at Cornerstone this year or at a concert on their new tour. That's right--our second juicy bit of news is that the Dogs are touring again in July and September. Check out our concerts page for more info.

1 July 2005

The latest and greatest Lost Dogs album is not Jeff but an instrumental album called Island Dreams. It's an unreleased Terry and Derri project from a couple years back that Mike added some guitar tracks to. According to informal fan reviews, it's great! Look for it at the official Lost Dogs store in a couple weeks.

26 April 2005

Hmm... Mike Roe posted this on the 77's board: "Don't tell anyone, but it looks like plans for Jeff are being scotched in favor of something altogether else......Working title -- Derri & Terri ditch Mike & go to the at eleven."

What does this mean? Stay tuned.

9 April 2005

The Lost Dogs are hot-to-trot again, dragging Steve Hindalong of The Choir right behind them! If you liked Mutt or Nazarene Crying Towel, this will be a extra-special treat (no begging required). Dates are June 19 through July 10. Featured in this summer's tour will be their new extra-tasty album, Jeff (coming soon). Basically, they're traveling from Nashville to Cornerstone and back, giving concerts along the way. Want them to play in your town? This tour will be booked by Jesse Eubanks of Provision National Booking:, phone #: (502) 271-7644.

6 May 2004

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Little Miss Dogcatcher's been out-of-touch. But here's some news to make you drool:

The Lost Dogs are hitting the road this summer with Steve Hindalong of The Choir. If you liked Nazarene Crying Towel or the 77's acoustic show, this will be a must-see! Dates are June 28 through July 10.

Also hot-off-the-presses: The Dogs are recording a new album featuring songs from Daniel Amos, 77's, The Choir, and Adam Again. Need we say more?

8 March 2003

At last! The Lost Dogs will be touring nationally from April 19 through May 15. This will be an acoustic tour like last fall with new music, new merchandise and some surprises along the way. Stay tuned for dates.

9 February 2003

The new Lost Dogs album Nazarene Crying Towel will be available in stores March 25. Don't miss it!

23 September 2002

Whew! A lot has happened since we last posted. Here's the hot, lukewarm, and downright cold news:

The Lost Dogs have begun their True Alternative tour, which will take them to 30 different cities around USA and Canada. Click here to see if they're playing near you! The tour features each Dog's solo efforts as well as music from each Lost Dogs album. The Long Grove, Illinois show will be professionally filmed and released on DVD, along with interviews and other extras.

BEC Recordings has delayed the release of the new Lost Dogs album Nazarene Crying Towel until Spring 2003, so Mike Roe has produced a Lost Dogs live album Green Room Serenade, Part Tour to sell during their fall tour. It features a concert from the 1996 Little Red Riding Hood/Green Room Serenade tour. Bonus tracks include newly-recorded covers of Bob Dylan's "Protect My Child" and the Beach Boys' "With Me Tonight".

18 July 2002

Joanna created a cool new poster of Derri on the Gallery stage and added it to the Goodies section. Download it today!

This week we posted Joanna's Cornerstone 2002 Report. Besides commentary, it's got over 150 photos of Lost Dogs, Jan Krist, 77's, Vigilantes of Love, and many more artists and speakers. Be sure to check it out!

18 June 2002

"Come Down Here," a new Lost Dogs song penned by Mike Roe, makes its appearance on the new BEC Cheapskates 3 sampler in stores today for $5.99. It's also available online. This is a rough mix of the song, which will also appear on the upcoming Lost Dogs album.

13 June 2002

We've opened a store to help raise money so we can host another Lost Dogs show in Texas or Oklahoma (or both). Help us bring the Dogs south by checking it out!

25 May 2002

Silent Planet Records will release Making God Smile: An Artists' Tribute to the Songs of Beach Boy Brian Wilson in stores on July 30. A special two-disc limited edition version with 11 additional tracks will be available only through The limited edition will be available June 20 (Brian Wilson's 60th birthday). Artists contributing to the album include Phil Keaggy, Aaron Sprinkle, Lost Dogs, Riki Michele, Sixpence None The Richer, and many more.

24 May 2002

Work is progressing on the Lost Dogs' new album, tentatively titled Nazarene Crying Towel. The Dogs will be working on the final fixes the week before Cornerstone and releasing it in the fall. Rumor has it that this album will be more praise & worship oriented.

7 May 2002

Keep your eyes and ears open for the True Alternative tour coming this fall! This tour will feature solo sets by each Dog performing new songs from his upcoming 2002 solo release (Terry Taylor's Little, Big and Big, Mike Roe's Say Your Prayers, and Derri Daugherty's yet untitled solo ep). Mike Roe will open the show. He will remain on the stage to accompany Terry during his set. As Terry ends his set, Derri will begin his, accompanied by both Mike and Terry. Then all three will remain on stage for a full Lost Dogs' performance, which will feature new material from their upcoming new album scheduled to be released on BEC Records this fall, coinciding with the tour.

All solo, Lost Dogs, and other band (77's, Daniel Amos, and The Choir) merchandise will be available on this tour, along with special True Alternative merchandise, including compilation discs with alternate mixes.

6 May 2002

Paste Magazine will be offering a sampler with its premiere issue featuring Victoria Williams, Over the Rhine, and Bill Mallonee, among others, along with an unreleased song by the Lost Dogs--the uncensored version of "Lovely Man" (from their Real Men Cry album).

6 May 2002

Worldwide, a "rockumentary" on the life of Gene Eugene, will make its debut at Cornerstone this summer. An edited 30-minute presentation of the film is scheduled for Wednesday, July 3, 5:30 p.m. at Flickerings. The full-length version will (hopefully) be available for purchase. The film includes interviews, unreleased songs, and rare footage of Adam Again recording Dig at the Green Room. Don't miss it! Additional information available at and the Worldwide discussion group.

2 April 2002

For a limited time only, the Lost Dogs are selling new promotional radio singles of "No Shadow of Turning" on their website ( for $7. ("No Shadow of Turning" is from their latest album Real Men Cry.) Supplies are limited, so get yours now!

7 March 2002

The Lost Dogs start their spring tour this month, and is proud to host an acoustic show in Ft. Worth, Texas. Read this letter from Jemima Ingle (our editor) for more info.

29 January 2002

The "Come As a Child Or Not At All" album by Andy's Angels Records ( is humming along; it should be released by July 1. Theo Obrastoff and Terry Taylor are spearheading this project, which aims to raise funds for cystic fibrosis research in memory of Theo's son Andrew Obrastoff, a CF patient. Aaron Sprinkle, Randy Stonehill, The Choir, and the Lost Dogs are among the artists contributing to this special album. You can help by making a donation via the Internet at All proceeds go to funding and promoting the project.

25 January 2002

Last month, Silent Planet Records released a CD titled "Live From the Acoustic Stage." It's a compilation of songs by various artists that were recorded on Acoustic Stage at Cornerstone 2001. It's very good, and I'd suggest it to everyone! It features Jan Krist, Brooks Williams, Terry Scott Taylor, and Lost Dogs, among others.

18 January 2002

From the BEC Newsletter:


The Lost Dogs song "Golden Dreams" from their latest BEC release, "Real Men Cry", will be featured in the upcoming motion picture "Joshua", starring F. Murray Abraham (who received an Oscar for his work in the film "Amadeus"). The song will also be on the "Joshua" movie soundtrack, which will be released on March 5, 2002 through Word Records. The Dogs will be featured alongside Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Phil Keaggy, Jaci Velasquez and others.

19 November 2001

After their Nashville (11/8) concert, the Lost Dogs hopped into the studio with Phil Madeira to record vocals on his song "The Real Reason For Christmas," which I hear went really well. It should be released next year.

13 November 2001

The re-issue of Scenic Routes is being printed as we speak. The Lost Dogs intend to sell these at their spring tour, along with a new re-issue of Little Red Riding Hood. (They were unhappy with the M8 re-issue.)

9 November 2001

The Lost Dogs just wrapped up their fall tour with Phil Madeira. If you missed it, don't worry--they'll be back in the spring! We'll post more info as soon as it's available.

9 October 2001

Heard on the rumor mill: Lost Dogs will be re-issuing their first album, Scenic Routes, through either Stunt Records or Fools of the World, hopefully before the tour begins.

The new album Real Men Cry was released September 25th to high praise and good reviews. (BTW, the album was originally going to be called "Three-Legged Dog," because it's the first the Lost Dogs have recorded without Gene Eugene.)

Lost Dogs and M8 Distribution ( recently re-issued a two-disc set of Little Red Riding Hood. The first disc is the original album while the second disc features the single "Pray Where You Are" along with some "studio tomfoolery." You can pick this up at