Live From the Acoustic Stage

  Title: Live From the Acoustic Stage
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Silent Planet Records
Year Released: 2002
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Songs by various artists that were recorded on the Acoustic Stage at Cornerstone 2001. Includes the Lost Dogs playing "A Certain Love."

Song List:
  • Jan Krist / Time
  • Brooks Williams / Love Came Down
  • Introduction to Terry Taylor
  • Terry Scott Taylor / If You Want To
  • Tom Prasada-Rao / Falling Star
  • The Choir / Yellow Skies
  • Claire Holley/ Oh My
  • Pierce Pettis / Down in the Flood
  • Aaron Sprinkle / Sweeter Than Me
  • A Certain Love
  • Jason Harrod / Lion Song
  • Skatman Meredith / Canyon
  • Christopher Williams / Each Other's Blessing
  • Jan Krist / Waiting For the Cosmic Shoe to Fall
  • Brooks Williams / Old Blue
  • Introduction to "Papa Danced on Olvera Street"
  • Terry Scott Taylor / Papa Danced On Olvera Street
  • Phil Madeira / It'll Do For Now