No Shadow of Turning

  Real Men Cry

No Shadow of Turning (single)

No Shadow of Turning

Terry Scott Taylor

You do not sleep and forever keep what you have begun
The songs have been played and the promise made
will not be undone

No shadow of a turning
You're the same today as yesterday
No shadow of a turning
'Cause love won't let you turn away

You see it all and not a sparrow falls out
beyond your hand
in the deep and dark I will rest my heart
in your perfect plan

Faith and hope will abide,
mercy will turn the tide
Alive in the One who has died,
love never failing

Until the end, every doubt weighs in
and it clouds your face
but you won't let go 'till I've come to know
your unchanging grace

© 2001 Zoom Daddy Music (BMI)/Spinning Audio Vortex (BMI)