Golden Dreams

  Real Men Cry

Golden Dreams

Terry Scott Taylor

In the night of desperation,
in the day of lost desire,
in the tears of supplication
in the year of flood and ire

Golden dreams may die away,
golden dreams they fly away,
and every heart the Lord redeems,
will find again their golden dreams

In the winter of our yearning,
in the season of our falling,
in the shadow of our turning,
in the shame of our lost calling

Beyond the veil of our despairing,
beyond the clouds of our temptations,
beyond the crosses that we're bearing,
beyond the stars and constellations

Golden dreams have flown away,
golden dreams we'll see one day.
Then we'll know what heaven means:
God paved its streets with our golden dreams.

© 2001 Zoom Daddy Music (BMI)/Spinning Audio Vortex (BMI)