Hey, You Little Devil

  The Green Room Serenade, Part One

Hey, You Little Devil

Terry Taylor, Derri Daugherty and Gene Eugene

I saw my desire as a lake of fire
And I was thinkin' bout taking a swim
She looked all right
Wearin' something tight
She said "Lover, won't you jump on in"
The I singed my feet
And I felt the heat
That's when I knew she was not my friend
So I declined in the nick of time
And I told her right there and then

(I said) Hey you little devil hey
Go on get out of my way
Hey you little devil hey
There's gonna be Hell to pay

He looked real astute in his three-piece suit
He said "Sign on the bottom of this page"
Then he smiled and I saw the fangs and the claws
In his eyes was a hunger and rage
Then it was clear to me I had a key
To loose a tiger from it's cage
I said "Sir I know your name
And the souls that you claimed
So Pardon me if I disengage"

Shuckin' a jivin'
Drinkin' and drivin'
But I know I'm gonna hit the wall
Jukin' and smokin'
Till I'm battered and broken
You can't get up until you fall
And the Joker he just laughs at it all

I know these tricks and how the game is fixed
How you gain the world and lose your soul
And how the still small voice
Says "Boy, you've got a choice...
The courts of Heaven or the fires below"
I know what grace is
And how sin has it's wages
And how pride will take it's toll
I know the cross and the savior of the lost
And where the saints and the sinners go...

Sung by Terry with Gene

©1996 by Lost Dogs