The Prodigal Bride (I'll Wait for You)

  The Green Room Serenade, Part One

The Prodigal Bride (I'll Wait for You)

Terry Scott Taylor

Everyday I'm still amazed
At your beauty and your imperfection
I got beneath your skin and loved you in
Your vanities and indiscretions
All your haves and your have-nots
Will turn to dust in time
But there's still a chance to save yourself
While I've got you on the line
And you know it

Baby, I'll wait for you
It's not too late for you
You've been right, you've been wrong
Been so weak you could be strong
Baby, I'll wait for you

You don't see clear I'm standing here
In the shadows of imagination
You alone form blood and bone
And put flesh around my incarnation
I smell the rain here in your hair
See the tears that mark your face
But I'm just a ghost that can't be seen
Without the eyes of faith
And you know it

Baby, I'm here for you
Have I made it clear to you
Whether you're up, whether you're down
You know I'll be around
Baby, I'll wait for you

When first beheld the man
You nailed down his open hand
'Cause he wasn't much to look at way back when
Now your dance of freedom raised a storm
A day for death, a time to mourn
Until that long lost love is born again
Baby, I'll wait for you

God knows you've tried to close your eyes
To secrets everybody is onto
In your shadowed brow the dions growl
They've left furrows in all the faces that you've gone through
But you still wear the wedding dress
Though it hangs like tattered sheets
Beyond the flesh that is revealed
I only play for keeps
And you know it

Sung by Terry and Mike with Gene and Derri

©1996 by Lost Dogs