The Green Room Serenade, Part One


Gene Eugene

You say you're going down to Mexico
You didn't want to let me know
You say a drinks a dollar there
And if your not a bull the fights are fair

Hey honey don't you
Hey honey don't you go
Hey honey don't you
Hey honey don't you go
oh no

I followed you to New Orleans
You say you saw it in a magazine
You know they throw some party there
There's people in their underwear
I cried too much you ran away
I think about you every day

Hey honey don't you...
Hey honey don't you go

I guess I finally got my wish
'Cause now you're in Los Angeles
And Billy says you're gonna call
I don't know why I unplugged my phone from the wall
And now I'm really feeling scared
I hear you climbing up my stairs

Hey honey don't you...
I'm going to Mexico!

Sung by Gene with Terry

©1996 by Lost Dogs