Sweet Work Of Love

  The Green Room Serenade, Part One

Sweet Work Of Love

Terry Scott Taylor

The ground opened up and you were
Hurled to ruin
The fabric of the earth just ripped in two
You were famous and beautiful
Commanding the nations
But you were bloodied and battered
Before the day was through

You're like some great dying planet
Scarred by rifts ruts and cracks
From all the mighty collisions and the
Knives in your back
Still there's ambrosia on your surface
And manna for the hungry
Food for the beggar, the poor for your money
Still you will be brilliant
You will be brilliant
A reflection of the sun above
You will be brilliant, you will be brilliant
Predestined for the sweet work of love

Your light has been extinguished
War has scorched your earth
There's frozen death the equator
And some beast is giving birth
There is argon and neon, and fire in your hair
Your blood is methane and ammonia
Your soul is tumult and despair

You're like some great dying planet...

Maybe not today but you will find a way
And shine like the light of the world
You're thinkin' that you're through
But I believe that you
Will shine like the light of the world

Who told you Jesus was rich man
That he stayed in the best hotels
Who sold you living water then put poison in your well
No, your wealth will never save you
Can't fill a river that's run dry
You can't bribe a camel to go through
A needle's eye

Sung by Gene, Derri, Terry, Mike

©1996 by Lost Dogs