All That Remains

  The Green Room Serenade, Part One

All That Remains

Terry Scott Taylor

If all the stars fell from the sky
And the oceans all ran dry
Or the rains came down and I
Was in over my head
I'd count myself lucky now
'Cause I loved you
And if this world stopped turning round
If someone shut the whole thing down
If I was lost and never found
If I were left here for dead, I'd still be lucky now
'Cause I've loved you

(All that remains)
I believe that everything
That passes though the holy flame
will turn to ash and dust
(All that remains)
But that fire will wash us clean
And our sweet love will be redeied
And for me that is enough
If that's all that remains

And if the sun no longer shined
There was no reason and no rhyme
the world ran out of space and time
No I, I wouldn't cry
I'd say I'm lucky now
That I've loved you
And if I never loved again
And no one ever called me friend
And all my dreams came to an end
No, I'd never ask why
I'd count myself lucky now
That I've loved you

(All that remains)...

I swear that it's true
I only know this is for certain
Love never fails
It's the only thing that will survive
And if I'm still around
When they bring down the final curtain
I'd tell all the angels
Your love is the reason that I am alive
Love's all that remains

Sung by Derri with Mike, Terry, and Gene

©1996 by Lost Dogs