Title: Mutt
Artist: Lost Dogs
Label: Fools of the World / Lo-Fidelity Records
Year Released: 2004
Available At: Lost Dogs Store
  • Terry Taylor: vocal, guitar
  • Derri Daugherty: vocal, guitar, bass
  • Mike Roe: vocal, guitar, bass
  • Steve Hindalong: percussion, glockenspiel, thumb piano, energy chime
  • Tim Chandler: bass
  • Mat Slocum: cello

Production Notes:

Produced by Steve Hindalong & the Lost Dogs.

Released by Jeffrey K. at Lo-Fidelity Records.

Recorded & mixed by Derri Daugherty at Neverland, Nashville, TN.

Mastered by Ralph Stover @ Dirtboy, Orangeville, CA

More Info:

This unique album features 3 songs each from Daniel Amos, 77's, and The Choir, played in the Lost Dogs' style.

Song List: