The Green Room Serenade, Part Tour

  Title: The Green Room Serenade, Part Tour
Artist: Lost Dogs
Label: Fools of the World
Year Released: 2002
Available At: Lost Dogs Store
  • Gene Eugene: vocal & guitar
  • Derri Daugherty: vocal & guitar
  • Terry Taylor: vocal & guitar
  • Mike Roe: vocal & guitar
  • Bruce Spencer: drums
  • Sam Hernandez: bass

Production Notes:

Recorded May 10, 1996 @ Murray Hill Theatre/Jacksonville, FL by Masaki Liu

Mixed & Mastered @ Le' Oignon/Sacramento, CA by Scott Reams

Tracks 14 & 15 Recorded & Mixed Spring 2002 @ Neverland/Nashville, TN by Derri Daugherty

Graphic Design & Illustration by Brian Heydn

"Live" Photos by Jadon & Eric Townsend

Special Thanks: Masaki, Dime Store Prophets, Tom Gulotta, Frank Tate, Bruce Spencer, Sam Hernandez, JT, Jeff Kotthoff

Produced by Mike Roe

Released by Jeffrey K. at Lo-Fidelity Records

More Info:

This live album was recorded during the Little Red Riding Hood / Green Room Serenade tour. It also includes two bonus tracks, "With Me Tonight" and "Lord, Protect My Child", from the Making God Smile and Come As a Child projects.

Song List: