Lifest 2002 - "The Pit"

Saturday, July 13

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Swirling Eddies, Part 1 | Swirling Eddies, Part 2

Introducing the Convoluted Lost Dogs! Derri Daugherty couldn't make the show, so the Dogs reared up on their two remaining legs and woofed it up. Why didn't Derri appear? A great host of conspiracy theories have arisen concerning the subject, everything from "his daughter had a gymnastic meet" to "he was raptured early."

The loss of Derri was keenly felt as Mike attempted to sing his part. The show in general went well ("Bullet Train" really rocked!), but Mike and Terry needed help to sing "Breathe Deep," since neither of them could remember the first verse!

Set List


Terry Taylor, Top Dog

Wait a minute--I only see one Dog! The others must be... LOST!

Ahh... there's Mike Roe! So the only one missing is Derri Daugherty. At least Derri sent Tim Chandler and Steve Hindalong to take his place.

Let me tell you how to tune that guitar...

I rebuke you, Bro!

Mike tries to sing Derri's part... and out of respect for Derri, he screws it up.

New Lost Dogs back-up singers:
Todd, Mike, Nathan



"We've already made fools of ourselves, and that's half the show." --Mike Roe after the sound check

"Flak on, flak off" --Terry Taylor

"I know it! Mostly." --Mike Roe

"If someone has a bullet, please shoot us." --Mike Roe

"I'm gonna make up a story while you change guitars." --Terry Taylor to Mike Roe

"10 minutes? Is that a threat?" --Terry Taylor to the stage manager

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